NOW AVAILABLE : AR015 | Lattice by Dave Rempis Solo, and AR014 | Cochonnerie by The Rempis Percussion Quartet.


Rempis/Marhaug Duo :


Released May 6th, 2014 | 180-gm vinyl LP | AR 005 | limited edition of 300 | includes free download code

Dave Rempis – alto saxophone

Lasse Marhaug – electronics

This limited edition LP features one of Norway’s most renowned noise musicians, and one of Chicago’s most active saxophonists, pitting two like-minded individuals from slightly different worlds together for a deeper exploration of each other’s sonic pallet.  This pairing was recorded straight to two-track cassette by Marhaug in his Oslo practice space/work studio in August of 2012, the afternoon after the two joined forces with Dutch vocalist Jaap Blonk and Norwegian musicians Per Zanussi (bass) and Tollef Østvang (drums) for a quintet set on the yearly Blowout Festival, organized by drummers Ståle Liavik Solberg and Paal Nilssen-Love.  Although Rempis and Marhaug had also worked together previously in Ken Vandermark’s Territory Band, and when Marhaug once guested with Ballister (Rempis/Lonberg-Holm/Nilssen-Love) on a date in Philadelphia, this session represents the first time the two really found the sonic space to match wits directly, and intertwine their sounds together into one seething, snarfling, scuffling, shrieking mass.  Easing their way through this laid back session, alternating between laying down tracks and sitting in the garden outside drinking tea, it quickly became clear that this potentially informal recording was a keeper; a must-have document for fans of the deep connections that abound between the Oslo and Chicago scenes.


Side A :  Skinning The Poke  19:34

Side B : Strategikon  19:24


Recorded at the best studio in Oslo on August 16th, 2012

Mixed and mastered by Lasse Marhaug

Lacquers cut by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service

Design by Johnathan Crawford

Produced by Dave Rempis


Special thanks to Ståle Liavik Solberg, Paal Nilssen-Love, and the Blowout Festival